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Rod Sintow - Founder & CEO
Rod Sintow founded Pro Sound & Video in 1975 providing live sound and lighting production. His business model included unconditional quality support on all projects that he worked on 24-hours a day, much like a modern day 24/7/365 support idea. This type of business culture was unheard of at the time and the business quickly grew from live production to the design, engineering, and implementation of sound, video, and lighting and security systems.

As a sound and video engineer and operator, Rod has participated in thousands of shows providing sound, lighting, and communications including touring production work, and installed or developed thousands of integration projects involving the same specialties including broadcast and project management.

Prior to starting Pro Sound, Rod was the Light and Sound Manager at The Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood. Rod also previously worked in the family construction business where he learned many construction techniques and operated an automatic concrete block manufacturing system.

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