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MARC Overview
Pro Sound & Video was engaged to design/build and coordinate a multi-room medical facility available for rental to top-tier medical equipment manufacturers and their support staff.

The Miami Anatomical Research Center ( MARC ) has a main presentation auditorium, two 12 person conference rooms, a comfortable and expansive common corridor area for small informal gatherings, and future wet labs programmed as a re-configurable function space.

The target market for presentations primarily consists of world class medical device manufacturers’, practitioners and physicians.

The audio-visual systems design was developed with the following three major objectives:
  • Employ the latest proven technology to assist in relaying leading edge medical procedures and education to a wide target audience of in facility attendees, real time streaming for distance learning participants, and distribution of previously recorded seminars and events presented in the main auditorium.
  • All systems were designed to be scalable and modular in nature for multiple reasons. Pro Sound provided flexibility to accommodate changes in the business plan and marketplace. The design further enabled the facility to rapidly respond to such changes and maximize its’ position within market. Lastly, Pro Sound responsibly recommended to the Owners group realistic budgets to meet the above objectives, without needless expenditure prior to day one operations and total cost of ownership budgeting.
  • Pro Sound’s programming study and design process assisted the owners group in understanding the value of capitalizing audio-visual building infrastructure items in the construction process to minimize future remodeling expenditure.
The systems were comprised of videoconference units, web streaming systems, sound and video playback, recording, and archiving, public address systems, and extensive support.

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