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New World Center - Miami Beach, Florida

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New World Center Overview
The New World Center is the new high-tech musical home for the New World Symphony – the Beach-based orchestral academy for top gun young musicians that Michael Tilson Thomas founded and leads – quite unlike any other concert hall anywhere.

World-renowned architect Frank Gehry designed the first purpose-built home for the New World Symphony, America’s Orchestral Academy. New World is officially not a professional orchestra but a training program.

It recruits graduates from leading conservatories (about 3% of all applicants are accepted) and brings them to Miami for three-year fellowships. Most of them then go off to jobs at top orchestras around the world.

What may set the concert hall truly apart is its unequalled video-projection capacity: A computer-synchronized system that can project moving images on 5 broad, sail-like ceiling panels from 14 Christie 30,000 lumen projectors, allowing composers and artists to fully integrate music and video. The sails help to make the room immediate sonically but also the most sophisticated symphony hall yet for assimilating video into a live musical experience. The overhead control room is where all of the computer controls are located for the advanced video projection system.

The sound system design was the work of Fred Vogler (who is the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s sound designer for the Disney Concert Hall and the Hollywood Bowl) in conjunction with Acoustic Dimensions (Dallas, TX) who also designed the video and broadcast systems. Pro Sound & Video was selected to engineer and integrate the systems.

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