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Great American Ball Park Overview
The Cincinnati Reds debuted their 2003 season in the new state-of-the-art Great American Ballpark that employs the latest in audio-visual, TV and broadcast equipment.

The audio system includes an extraordinary high quality distributed sound system that has computer controlled amplifiers and processing with excellent sound.

In addition, extensive broadcast cabling circulates throughout the stadium providing complete broadcast capability including fiber optic for high-definition broadcasting.

The TV system includes DSS satellite and local origination with a control system capable of initiating TV remote operation. Extensive in-house channel modulation provides for complete TV distribution of the stadium broadcast feeds.

The sound system includes extensive use of Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) speaker systems with QSC power amplifiers and a computer controlled interface installed in a highly distributed arrangement throughout the stadium.

The system utilizes BSS Audio DSP controllers. The BSS and QSC control systems are networked via fiber-optic links to each remote amplifier room for audio and control operation.

The in-house TV system uses cable grade CATV amplifiers over .750 hard-line cabling. The system has over 50-satellite receivers installed and 60-modulated channels of broadband video feeding over 500 TV outlets.

The satellite system comprises DSS and C/Ku band earth stations mounted on the stadium roof.

A complete custom broadcast cabling system including triax, coax, audio, and fiber has been provided to over 60-locations in the stadium proper with custom fabricated panels mounted in stainless steel enclosures.

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