Design & Engineering

We examine and optimize every detail to ensure that the final product performs beyond the highest standards.

Design & Engineering

Whether recreating an indoor sound field in the great outdoors, optimizing audio delivery for a non-traditional space, our conceiving a whole new integrated media platform, our team designs systems that deliver audio, video, data and power with precise control, mindful aesthetics and maximum impact. 

When also performing the installation, our engineers dictate every detail: the angle of each speaker, types of cables, even how many screws are necessary. They then meticulously assemble the system – and tune it to acoustic perfection. 

You can find our design and engineering work in nearly every job we’ve done, creating sonic solutions for everything from 80,000 seat stadiums to small black box theaters. 

Explore the adjacent examples for projects that showcase these skills.

Sound masking
Modern open-office concepts often suffer an unintended consequence: noise. Sound easily carries through the cavernous spaces, increasing distractions and reducing productivity.

By placing hundreds or even thousands of hidden speakers, and precisely tuning them, our engineers are able to raise the noise floor and make these offices more private and functional.