Garfield Daley

Vice President

Tinkering with electronics is, in his own words, something Garfield has always done, even as a young man back in his native Jamaica. Very impressed with Garfield’s sound installation at his church, a Pro Sound service manager offered him to join the team on the spot. And there began a history of that has developed over the years into a successful tenure.

But he didn’t say yes right away. Garfield is mindful of the decisions he makes every day. This thoughtful approach is what has made it a favorite of Pro Sound’s clients on the West Coast. To him, this is second nature and translates into excellence.

As it is common practice on all Pro Sound team members, wearing many hats is a pre-requisite for every project, planning session or service call. Garfield takes this to heart in his main responsibility at Pro Sound: making every project a successful one.