Sea World Blue Horizon Show

The crowd, trainers, and dolphins themselves all share in this experience and its unique soundscape.

Sea World Dolphin Stadium for Blue Horizons

Orlando, FL 1997

Live animal shows are both demanding and unpredictable. Anything can happen, so producers have to anticipate everything.

When it comes to sound design, this means not only engineering a sound system that’s invisible, reliable and serviceable – it must also be able to withstand the California sun and occasional splash. In this case, it also meant recording and mixing the musical score itself in ways that enhanced and elevated the actions of the performers in the pool.

Over a 2-year journey, Pro Sound delivered complete sound design including recording, mixing and programming of audio tracks that coordinated with and choreography of the performers. Custom speaker cabinets pumped out the sound while nearly invisible against the California sky, yet remaining easily accessible for service, and positioned and tuned to precisely deliver the complex soundscape.


Complete sound design,recording, mixing

Show programming, timing, triggers

Custom speaker cabinets, rigging and cabinets

Media Matrix, Galileo, RMS, Yamaha programming

Meyer Sound – 32 M’elodie loudspeakers

4 700HP subwoofers, 4 UPA-IP loudspeakers

Virtual LAN setup and administration



June 2017