THEME PARK Studios Orlando & Hollywood

From coast to coast, audiences understand the Universal Studios experience – and we help make that happen.

Theme Parks Studios Orlando & Hollywood

Hollywood, FL and CA 1990s – Present

This theme park studios runs on technology. Acres of attractions require audio, video and control systems. Those systems are installed and maintained by Pro Sound.

The parks feature Meyer and Constellation audio systems for rich music and sound effects that surround visitors from every angle – whether inside the attractions themselves or outside on the queue lines.

The engineers also developed systems for the parks parade, featuring hundreds of concealed speakers and thousands of hidden sensors to queue the sound for each approaching float.

To make installation and maintenance a bit more interesting, the Hollywood park is still an active film lot. And the park is open 365 days a year. System upgrades must be done overnight and between takes to keep everything running as it should.


System design




Constellation Sound

Meyer sound

Park-wide audio



June 2017