Kelly Prince


Kelly had an interest and was involved in theater production ever since high school, which led to his first job, working for a production company. Majoring in electronics while minoring in business management meant the course was set to a promising career.

After spending four years working in theater production in his native Ohio, Kelly moved to Florida in 1989 to work for Walt Disney World, where he not only further developed his skills, but also honed his instinct for bringing to life improbable concepts that entertain millions every year.

2001 is when he felt enticed to join Pro Sound, a company with which he had worked on a variety of projects while at Disney. His unique perspective and dedication have earned him the respectability that only a commanding voice can carry in the industry today.

Working for Pro Sound has challenged Kelly to work on projects outside of the Theme Parks industry. He’s particularly fond of the Plaza Hotel in New York City project because of the historical significance of the building and the technical challenges faced.

Such attention to detail and a deep understanding of the true purpose and meaning of a new or old building, has garnished Kelly the reputation of visionary.