Kravis Center for the Performing Arts

When the audio must enhance the architecture as well as the artistry, it calls for a unique approach.

Kravis Center for the Performing Arts

West Palm Beach, FL 1997

Performing arts centers such as the Kravis are built to last 300 years.The technology that goes inside them must accommodate the various setups for hundreds of annual productions, and do so in ways that enhance the architectural integrity of the space while providing the best audience experience.

For the Pro Sound team, this meant overbuilding cabling and infrastructure in anticipation of the performance needs of shows of vastly differing sizes and configurations. It also meant integrating sound, communication and video systems throughout the facility meeting the needs of production staff, performers and audiences alike.

In the setting of their $52 million downtown West Palm Beach masterpiece, the team meticulously built custom housing and panels that preserved the elegance of the facility while enabling the performance of the technology.

We have come back several times since the Center was built, among others in 2008 to upgrade to a Meyer Sound System.


JBL speakers

Crown Amplifiers

Meyer Sound System upgrade



June 2017